Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Applying Todorov's Theory of Equilibrium

  • As this is quite a long clip I have only looked at the first 4 minutes of the sequence as the opening part. From this I have tried to use Todorov’s theory to find out about key components in the film.
  • The equilibrium in the opening is set in a busy city. We see these from the overhead shots first used to look at an overview of the city. We then get a pan shot which is used an the establishing shot of where the main girl lives. The LA used as she comes down the stairs highlights her character we are able to see her school uniform that is quite geeky. We see the bushy hair and her cat on her arms. Finally we have long shot of the school this shows an average American high school with the popular children and the not so popular we are able to see their uniform everyone is quite busy and lively. We also see the limo with the Genovian flag on it suggesting royalty however it’s done very slyly as we only see it very quickly hovered is significant.
  • Firstly I think the protagonist in the film is going to be the main girl we first see Mia. The attention is on her throughout and she looks as if she’s not very popular and only has her one best friend who she scooters to school with. We have a lot of Cu on her that’s keeps us watching her and wanting to know more
  • The antagonist looks as if it will be the main young cool guy Josh. His character is very popular whom all the pretty girls like and Mia seems infatuated by him and really wants to be with him. We are made to look at him, as there is a fuss when he enters. The fact the protagonist and antagonist are opposites suggests a clash of some sort
  • This suggests to me the disruption may be the romance between this young girl and boy. Perhaps he uses her or cheats on her with these popular girls. We did see another boy with red hair look at her in the opening therefore maybe he secretly likes her and she may go with him instead. Josh the cool guy may hurt her is some way.
  • The resolution may be that she dumps him or doesn’t like him anymore and goes for the not so popular boy. We are unable to know this though from the opening scene as we know this is going to come further on in the film
  • The fact that they show this love interest this girl has for the popular boy suggests already there is going to be a make over because we know he would not go for her with the way she looks at the beginning. The title of the film would also suggest she becomes a princess and this is the hero’s journey however again these would only be assumptions