Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Main Shoot

Today we had our main shoot 27th Of February at James's House we worked from 9 am to 7 pm getting all the shots we needed and using Alex Thomas our new actor and I


  • Today we used our new main actor and I was very pleased with what we achieved
  • He listened well to instructions and did what we asked him too
  • We made sure we shot the inside shots first to allow him to act straight away and not have to wait for my shed scene to be shot
  • We all got on really well and took regular breaks and provided him with food etc
  • I shot some of the house scenes and tried out different shots
  • My favourite shot was the pan I did from the kitchen to to the hall and followed him out
  • I helped Alex by acting out different parts first so that he really uderstood what we mean't
  • I looked at new shots that we could take of Alex so that our piece was more creative
The Shoot
  • Im really happy with our work today we all worked together helping eachother and most importantly had fun at the same time
  • I think we've made major improvements in the kitchen scene
  • I recorded a radio announcement to play over our piece
  • I heled with shooting, shot list and making sure everyone was doing the right thing and there were no problems
My acting
  • I liked the way we did the lighting in the shed today, we used a pag light and covered up the windows to create a eerie effect
  • I was so cold though! and i had to be patient while everything got set up so I wasn't very happy at some points.
  • As soon as we could film though I really worked to get it done really quickly and get everything we needed
Overall today went well and I enjoyed it, now to see what our teachers think...!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Planning For the Main Shoot

I've been helping my group with the planning for the main shoot. There has been lots of paperwork to do and since our practise shoot we've noticed lots that need to be changed. We haev decided to change our main actor to Alex Thomas and i will stilll be acting for the 2nd part in the shed

Here is some of the paperwork we have been doing this week:

I really want this shoot to go well because I do not want to do shooting next weekend ( its my birthday weekend!) However if necessary then we will have too.

What I personally want to do on the shoot

  • Again I will be acting, which I'm looking forward to a bit more but I hate how cold it is in the shed.

  • I want to do lots of shots in the kitchen and perhaps try some new shots that we may include

  • I want to do lots of takes so that we have as many as possible

  • I am going to do the voiceover for our kitchen radio

  • I want to try and keep to schedule this time and finish on time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Practise Editing Week

This week has been crazy and my social life is now over! We have all been in the edit suite each lunchtime and in lessons in order to complete our first edit in order to see what works well and what doesn't.

I've really been trying to get involved with editing and familarising myself with all the tools again.

  • I've been using the razor tool to cut down our shots and get precise clips.
  •  Ive been using different timelines as they make all the clips clear and so I can experiment little parts of the sequence in different timelines then choose to add them to the main sequence or not
  • I learnt how to capture footage and put it onto the timeline.
The editing side of this whole process is my weakest side as im not as confident as i am with planning and shooting part. Therefore this week has really helped me because all my other team members have let me expereiment and have taught me short cuts. I hoop when were editing the main shoot I will be able to progress with my editing skills and really become confident

This is our first edit, there are a lot of continuity errors in it and we have issues with sound. Saying that we have learnt a lot about the filming process so we just need to plan again and improve our sequence for the main shoot in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Practise Shooting Day

I think the shooting day went ok but I think it could haev gone a lot better. We were easily distracted and didn't stick to out schedule therfore ended up missing out vital shots.


  • I wasn't looking forward to acting because i was scared I wouldn't be good at it. However i am quite pleased with the outcome of the shots we got.

  • My costume looked really good and i think the make up worked well. The fake blood looked really relistic so i hope to achieve this look again in the next shoot

  • Some shots were really good and we could use some of them. I think the CU of the eyes wasn't that good and I need to get better shots at the next shoot

  • The location worked well however we need to get polaroids done to make it look really good. We could also get some new props for the shed to add to the weirdness of the guy.

  • Overall I was happy with the part I played and by doing the practise shoot i can now work to improve on it to get really good and realistic shots for the final shoot
Numbers sprayed on in the shed where I acted
We emptied the whole shed out and just left a chair
This was the view that we shot
The shot that linked my part to james'
Pictures and numbers on the wall i was the third girl

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Signing Out Equpiment

Yesterday me and India took charge of looking after the equipment. I took the tripod and camera bag and India made sure we had paperwork and lighting. I'm really looking forward to the shoot I hoping it all goes well but I'm a bit nervous but i hope all our planning pays off. However this is only a practise so we can learn from the mistakes

For the Shoot

  • I really want to be involded in a lot of the shooting as this is the best bit, i want to try CU and perhaps practise my pan shots and hopefully get some good takes
  • I will be acting, I'm excited but i don't want to be rubbish so im going to put a lot of effort in and take it seriously
  • I also want to enjoy the day and experience how timing and takes work and get use to using a shot log.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Planning For the Practise Shoot

We have really been trying to get everything sorted in time for our practise shoot. As we learn't with the prelim how important it was to plan before the shoot:

We have been mainly storyboarding this week and Spencer, India and I have been working really hard on it during lunch and after schools we have come up with a colour scheme for each of the pictures we do in order to make it easy when shooting;

•Yellow = Close up
•Pink = Mid shot
•Green = Long shot
•Blue = Title
•Orange = Time and description of shot
This has allowed to look at how many of each shot type were using in our opening

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My group have decided that I will act the first half of the opening sequence which will be the girl tied up and locked in a shed. I don't mind doing this as there isn't any dialogue and it will mostly be extreme close ups and close ups therefore i won't have to do much acting

If after the practise shoot I don't feel id did a good job then  I will ask someone else because it would benfit out opening.