Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Applying Levi-Strauss Theory

Levi Strauss said that story elements which give meaning will usually appear in pairs. For example a story will typically be organised into binary opposites such as: hero/ villain, rich/ poor etc.

1)Applying Levi-Strauss to the opening of ‘Pale Rider’ (Eastwood-1985)

Peaceful setting vs. loud horse riders
Still shot of town vs. tracking shot of riders
Innocent town people vs. evil horse riders
Light vs. dark
Slow paced editing vs. Fast paced editing
Town vs. country
Sun vs. snow
High angles to low angles
Innocence vs. violence
Calm vs. fierce
Survival vs. death
Miracle- Clint Eastwood
Prayer vs. miracle
Supernatural vs. everyday

2)Applying Levi-Strauss to the opening of ‘Die Hard 1’ (John Mc Tierman-1988)

Joking vs. tense
Youth vs. age
Real vs. fake
Serious vs. joke
Family vs. work
Happy vs. sad
Low and high angles
Loud vs. Quiet
Love vs. Fight
Fast vs. Slow pace
Music-happy vs. sad
Peace vs. danger
Innocence vs. danger
New York vs. LA
Prepared vs. non-prepared
Novist vs. experience