Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Accident Sequence

What did you think was the point to the activity?

1)The point of this activity was to achieve success in film sequence continuity. This was to be achieved by filming six different shots to make a short sequence of an accident as the focus point.

In regard to your finished sequence, what worked well?

2) I think there were a lot of good points. I think there are a variety of different shots to make it more entertaining and to achieve different things, For example the first shot is an establishing shot that sets the scene. There is also use of LA so the camera is close to the ground making the audience part of the action. We used tilt and hand held also to give a variety of techniques. The narrative flow works reasonably well and makes sense to the audience without breaking any main rules. I think the timing of all the shots work well to make them link up. Overall the shots and angles used make our sequence live and immediate.

What would you aim to improve about your sequence?

3) I think if I was to make any improvements the main one would be one of the cuts because they weren’t matched well it breaks the flow and disrupts it breaking the match on action rule. I would also change the length on the first pan shot to make it much shorter as it takes along time. Finally I would change the pose that we see from the character in the first shot as it’s very random and does not fit well with the sequence.

What did you learn from doing this activity?
4) From doing this exercise I have learnt how hard it is to make sequences flow and how many rules you must follow to enable a smooth sequence. It has highlighted how important it is to cut the shots at the right time and to get timing and positioning right. I can now appreciate how much work editors must do to achieve a good film