Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Still Evaluation

My Still Shot Evaluation

1) Describe your shot and identify in what way it could be seen as representing 'horror'

My group have taken a medium close up shot this focuses in on the emotion on the character ‘s face. She is a young teenage girl looking scared and nervous this represents horror as she looks very innocent therefore is the victim. She is looking away from the camera and up at something this connotes a mysterious feeling and the audience no she is looking for someone. Her hands are clasped to the wall again showing how scared she is and also suggesting she is hiding perhaps from the attacker, which signifies horror. We used a night mode making the colour of the picture very dull and dark reflecting the horror theme. Her face is most in light again showing off her emotion and facial expression. The lack of lighting makes everything seem scarier and makes her look very alone. The composition of the shot is uneven the girl only takes up half of the shot and the d├ęcor takes up the other half this again signifies isolation relating to the theme of horror.

2)What did you actually do to achieve the effect?

To achieve this shot we used a slit of light to shine directly onto the face and we held the light up high to shine downwards. On the camera we put on night shot mode to create the grey look. The camera was about a metre away from the actress and taken on a camera stand. We used the zoom in button to get closer to the actress. the actress stood standing up holding onto a wall with her hand close to her face and with a scared expression therefore eyebrows raised mouth slightly open.

3)What is successful about your shot?

I think the composition and positioning of this shot went really well I like the way the actress is standing and holding on to the wall. The eyes look really good because the light hit them well. I like the night mode because it really helps to give the horror feeling and makes the whole picture dull and frightening.

4)What would you do differently in hindsight?

After looking back on my shots if I were to do this again I would make the expression on the actresses face much more over the top to really show how scared she was. I would also try and create some sort of shadow of the attacker behind her so she’s looking forward but the attacker is actually behind her making it even scarier. I would also make the light source more obvious therefore have it darker apart from her eyes lit up to create a contrast. If we zoomed in a little further we could make the shot look even lonelier and entice the audience even more. Overall though I think are shot went well and we can now improve with further tasks.