Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Sunday, January 17, 2010

And so it begins..

Today we got introduced to our main task and our groups. Ive been put into a group with India Spencer and James which made me really happy because I get on with all of them and i believe we all have good strengths and im sure we'll find eachothers weaknesses!

The Task
To produce a 2 minute opening sequence for a fiction film it must include:
• titles throughout
• some form of copyright free soundtrack
• evidence of understanding of continuity editing’

(All of us in the lesson discussing the brief at hand)

The introduction has made me really aware of how much work, time and effort i need to put into this project. We watched examples from past years which were really good so i don't want ours to be rubbish i want to make something I'm really proud to show people. In our group discussion we have decided to all come up with seperate proposals and then we will discuss eachothers and draw ideas from these. I'm also particlalry working onour target audience for the piece but until we decide on our set opening I cannot do that. Instead i am now off to research horrors on youtube and get some inspiration!

  • I think my strengths in this task will be my leadership and team work because i feel this a good quality of mine.
  • I feel i will really work well on the planning stages and am exctied to film and edit!
  • I think i could possibly act in our piece if we needed a girl.