Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Monday, January 18, 2010

Initial Ideas

Idea 1

  • a murder being commited
  • a kindnap being commited
  • themes of obsession and stalking
  • Little dialogue-man kinapped young teenage girl on the wall lots of different girls. He takes pictures of her when shes tied up
  • man-weird,creepy,hidden face,dark clothing
  • girl-young,feminine,pretty,scared
  • dark lighting
  • small garage set up like a photo shoot this is where he takes the photos
  • Whole wall of lots of teenage girls
  • Slow steady pans,ECU, long shots,Mid shots
  • One continous sequence
  • graphics come on like a photography-flash up?
  • Influences-scene in hollyoaks women gets taken advantage off and pictures are taken

Idea 2
My idea is for a thriller/horror film:
  • Setting-a very dark place where a low lighting is used.
  • It can either be set in the day or night
  • Location-shed, small room
  • 2 girl actresses
  • Music-slow creepy ephasise mad girl
  • Target audience would be horror fans both male and female as female protagonist would encourage more girls to watch it
  • Age-15-30

First shot would be a slow pan of loads of photos pinned up across a whole wall and the camera makes it seem as if its someone's eyes scanning across the wall. We see photos of the same boy and girl in different situations and across some of the pictures are her face scribbled out or pins in it.

We then see a girl looking at the wall- scary/freaky lighting below so her face lit up she slowly turns her head then then the next shot is the girl from the pictures tied up looks scared has tape acroos her mouth etc

The story plot would be something to do with this one girl who has mental problems and is still in love with the boy in the photos and the girl tied up would be the current girlfriend who is innocent in all of it.