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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proposal and Feedback

Today we have all finally gathered our research together and have come up with a proposal that we can make to our teachers and to our class mates. I made the handout for the proposal after gathereing our group ideas i went home and typed this up and then as a group we looked at it to make sure we agreed with what we wanted to propose

Here's a copy of the proposal:


  • I thought the proposal could have gone a lot smoother
  • We got out idea across however we were given feeback which is on our blog to improve our narrative and location
  • We are now working on that ready to propose again, hopefully allowing us to move on#
We made a few ajustments and proposed again to our class and teachers and.. we got signed off! This was really excting new because it feels like were making progress and we have an idea we can reall work on.

  • It went alot better the second time and i think people understood the idea more
  • The new location worked much better and our teacher was much happy
  • I didnt present as much in the second proposal as there wasn't a lot to say so i mainly controlled the blog allowing visual references.