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Friday, February 26, 2010

Planning For the Main Shoot

I've been helping my group with the planning for the main shoot. There has been lots of paperwork to do and since our practise shoot we've noticed lots that need to be changed. We haev decided to change our main actor to Alex Thomas and i will stilll be acting for the 2nd part in the shed

Here is some of the paperwork we have been doing this week:

I really want this shoot to go well because I do not want to do shooting next weekend ( its my birthday weekend!) However if necessary then we will have too.

What I personally want to do on the shoot

  • Again I will be acting, which I'm looking forward to a bit more but I hate how cold it is in the shed.

  • I want to do lots of shots in the kitchen and perhaps try some new shots that we may include

  • I want to do lots of takes so that we have as many as possible

  • I am going to do the voiceover for our kitchen radio

  • I want to try and keep to schedule this time and finish on time.