Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Main Shoot

Today we had our main shoot 27th Of February at James's House we worked from 9 am to 7 pm getting all the shots we needed and using Alex Thomas our new actor and I


  • Today we used our new main actor and I was very pleased with what we achieved
  • He listened well to instructions and did what we asked him too
  • We made sure we shot the inside shots first to allow him to act straight away and not have to wait for my shed scene to be shot
  • We all got on really well and took regular breaks and provided him with food etc
  • I shot some of the house scenes and tried out different shots
  • My favourite shot was the pan I did from the kitchen to to the hall and followed him out
  • I helped Alex by acting out different parts first so that he really uderstood what we mean't
  • I looked at new shots that we could take of Alex so that our piece was more creative
The Shoot
  • Im really happy with our work today we all worked together helping eachother and most importantly had fun at the same time
  • I think we've made major improvements in the kitchen scene
  • I recorded a radio announcement to play over our piece
  • I heled with shooting, shot list and making sure everyone was doing the right thing and there were no problems
My acting
  • I liked the way we did the lighting in the shed today, we used a pag light and covered up the windows to create a eerie effect
  • I was so cold though! and i had to be patient while everything got set up so I wasn't very happy at some points.
  • As soon as we could film though I really worked to get it done really quickly and get everything we needed
Overall today went well and I enjoyed it, now to see what our teachers think...!