Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Practise Shooting Day

I think the shooting day went ok but I think it could haev gone a lot better. We were easily distracted and didn't stick to out schedule therfore ended up missing out vital shots.


  • I wasn't looking forward to acting because i was scared I wouldn't be good at it. However i am quite pleased with the outcome of the shots we got.

  • My costume looked really good and i think the make up worked well. The fake blood looked really relistic so i hope to achieve this look again in the next shoot

  • Some shots were really good and we could use some of them. I think the CU of the eyes wasn't that good and I need to get better shots at the next shoot

  • The location worked well however we need to get polaroids done to make it look really good. We could also get some new props for the shed to add to the weirdness of the guy.

  • Overall I was happy with the part I played and by doing the practise shoot i can now work to improve on it to get really good and realistic shots for the final shoot
Numbers sprayed on in the shed where I acted
We emptied the whole shed out and just left a chair
This was the view that we shot
The shot that linked my part to james'
Pictures and numbers on the wall i was the third girl