Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We did a re shoot for my shed scene because our teacher didn't like some of the shots, and she felt we gave to much away of me in the shed. We used different lighting then last time so i don't know if our teacher will like it or not. We worked well however and got it done in a couple of hours. We lost the rope however so had to use tape so again have to see what our teacher thinks

Second Re Shoot

We did another re shoot of the shed scene, I guess 3rd time lucky! We changed the lighting back to dark and used a pag light. I again had to act and was so cold! But i actually really enjoyed todays shoot more then the others because we had a really good time and got on well. I hope this will be the end seeing James India and I are going on a geography field trip next week