Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

• Our production company is Green Tree Productions they are a small UK based company that specialise in independent films that are low budget, intellectual, gripping and edgy to target young adults (22-30 year olds )

• The media institution that is distributing ‘FIX4TION’ is DBB they are also are a small UK based company that work with ‘Green Tree Production’ in a partnership. DBB’s main focus is distributing horror films and getting them circulated in the UK.

• This media institution is similar to ‘Dogwoof’ which is commonly known to back small independent films.

If we had made a huge Hollywood blockbuster we would expect to see it shown in mainstream cinema s such as the

• Odeon

• Cineworld

• Vue

In order to reach a mass audience to gain as much profit as possible. However ‘FIX4TION’ was made on a low budget and is an independent film therefore DBB would struggle to get it into major cinema due to budget and sometimes content. Instead it would be shown in:

  • Small independent cinemas

  • Arty cinema

  • Exhibitions

For example ours could be given a screening in The Phoenix in North London.

We could also gain a mass audience via the web. If we were to place our film on sites such as YouTube I believe a student film like ours would gain success. It could also be shown on the independent film channel and shown at many different film festivals such as the Edinburgh film Festival.

A good example of a low budget film is ‘Paranormal Activity’ 2009 Peli. It was shown at scream fest horror film festival in 2007 and got a small release in around 9 cinemas in the US. However after Paramount a major distributor bought the domestic rights to the film off DreamWorks Productions it was only then that ‘Paranormal Activity’ gained worldwide succession and made a massive profit. Both DreamWorks and Paramount work in partnership just like DBB and Green Tree Productions. I believe if we did perhaps make our film with a larger profit a major film distributor like Paramount would get behind it as its unique and would gain a large audience and profit.

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