Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5) How did you attract/ address your audience?

From our audience feedback it seemed all our techniques and tactics paid off and we did attract our audience:

Attracting the audience
Adressing the Audience

• By choosing a set target audience at the beginning we then could focus our opening sequence at them by choosing techniques that would draw them

• We chose a horror film because this is best identified with young male adults and we chose to stick to key conventions of a horror film in order to gain their attention.

• We used Levi-Strauss theory of binary opposites quite significantly with the contrast of light and dark in the house and then in the shed. We had good vs. evil with the murderer and the victim and strong vs. weak with the murderer and the victim once again
(Dark Shed scene vs. Light Kitchen Scene)

• Our plot had a big twist in it. Too start off with normality in a modern house the audience soon realise he has a disorder and perhaps feel pity but then we show the calendar and play the radio clip their emotions of the audience are quickly switched from perhaps pity to anger and hatred and then we move from this to the scary disruption of the shed scene.

• We also used common themes that our audience would expect to see in a horror film e.g. muder, stalking, obsession and violence.

• We had key iconography in our piece e.g., clean modern kitchen where the murderer lives and where it’s suppose to be reality and then this is linked to the dark dingy small shed where the murder and entrapment takes place.
• We appealed their pleasures by doing exactly what they expect to see in a horror film we scared them as we slid into the shed, we expected to play on their emotions and for them to be scared for the girl. This leaves them asking questions and wanting to find out what will happen.

• We shot our piece during the day therefore this added to the emotions we wanted our audience to feel. During the day people usually feel much safer however we show the element of fear when in fact a girl is locked in the shed in broad daylight and nobody knows.
• We used narrative twists of showing the calendar with dates circled and the element of four throughout our opening sequence. We also played the radio new announcement in order to build enigma. This also kept the audience guessing and asking questions
• We got the engagement of our audience also through production and post production. By using a variation of shot types e.g. close ups we drew our audience closer to the action making it feel more real life
• We then used LS to pull them back out and see the wider picture

• By using creative editing e.g. the reverse shot we break the seamlessness of our piece leaving them at one point and then tracking all the way back through the house to a completely different story. This would leave our target audience intrigued as they are a clever audience they would want to work out themselves what’s going on.

• Our props in the piece e.g. the pictures with 1 2 3 4 written above them challenges our audience into linking his OCD and the way in which he stalks girls

Audience Feedback
  • Here is a questionaire from the audience feeback we held on the 26th of March in the Media Block. From the turn out of around 65 people I feel we did attract and audience, however the age was a bit younger then we were targeting:


From looking through our questionaires I feel we really conveyed the genre and characters and people understood where it would be shown and who it's targeting:

  1. The majority of people recognised that are film was targeted at males.
  2. A lot of people said that are film was for young adults but a lot also said that it was for teenagers. This could potentially be good for us as we can entice an even larger audience
  3. Our rating for our film ranged from 7 out of 10 to 10 out 10
  4. Everyone understood the themes of OCD, stalking and obsession
  5. Are few improvements were to perhaps speed up the first half of our opening and show more of the girl in the shed.
  6. Everyone understood out sequence which was really good feedback and we feel we did reach our target audience