Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

hen shooting and editing our opening sequence we have used a large amount of equipment and software which overall has helped us a lot. These clips show my group and I with the equipment:

The clip above shows all our hardware we used out on the shoot. When we were out shooting we faced different problems which in future we are able to learn from. The shed scene was extremely hard to get the lighting right in order to create the correct atmosphere and took a number of re-shoots to get it right. We used a pag light and filtered this light and closed the shutters and the front of the light to get a dimmed spotlight on me lit up in the shed. I think this worked really well and was pleased with the outcome. There were a number of things that went well and not so well on shoot:



  • I mainly learnt how much patience I need to get good shots and overall good footage.
  • I also learnt that I need to be flexible with time and dates because re shoots are essential and its made easier if everyone is able to attend without major problems.
  • Health and Safety is also very important while on shoot especially with weather and outside shots.
  • As the shed scene was in a small space we had to learn to work around each other without causing accidents.
  • Finally I think the main thing you had to do on shoot was be creative. When storyboarding it is obviously very different to being on set therefore you must think creatively and use all possible equipment to create high standard shots

  • By doing this project I feel I have learnt a lot more than I knew and I also feel I have progressed and improved lots of skills.
  • There has been a lot to remember, I feel especially when it comes to editing as I find this the hardest skill.
  • However I have overcome a lot and with help from my team members I’ve been able to push forward and enjoy the whole process