Finished Horror Opening Sequence 2010

Preliminary Exercise 2009

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plot for the final opening sequence and cast and crew


Before I begin my evaluation of my overall opening sequence I thought it will be easier to understand if I give an outline of the film and the cast and crew members.

Opening Sequence

It begins with a close up of a man’s eyes in a deep trance we then see a kettle boiling and the time ticking to eight o’clock. As soon as this happens the man snaps out of his trance and we are left with what he had been staring at ; a shed at the end of a neat garden. He walks over to the cupboard and on his way switches on the radio at exactly the time the news begins. He gets to the cupboard and he opens and closes it 4 times whilst saying 1..2..3..4. He counts the cups in 4’s and there are only 4 mugs in the cupboard. He makes his tea in a similar way while we here on the radio about the disappearance of a third girl. We then see his calendar with 4 dates circled and these all match up with the dates the newsreader is saying. Immediately the audience know this man isn’t what we first thought. He then walks back through the tidy kitchen over to the window to look at the shed, drinks his tea and walks out. Then we rewind through the house back through the kitchen down to the end of the garden to the foot of the shed. We snake in and see feet tied up we then see hands tied up. It then becomes clear it’s a girl tied up to a chair in the shed and we slowly see her waking up. She begins to scream as we then see all round the shed 4 photos of 4 different girls lined up and she is the 3 rd girl. We are left with her screaming and crying in desperation to get out of the shed.

The Rest of the Plot

In the rest of the story, the third girl who we see manages to escape we then see her trying to find and hunt down the fourth girl to protect her and warn her. We also see the murderer trying to hunt her down and following her and we also get to see the police tracking down the murderer however he kills one of the police officers. The victim finds the fourth girl however the murderer has hunted them both down and he now has both of them trapped. The police are soon onto the case, he kills the third girl but never gets to the fourth.

Cast and Crew

                                   Alex Thomas- Murderer

                                 Ciara Borkowski-‘Hayley Summers’-Victim

Producer, director, editor, script, music-Spencer Wilkinson, James Hammett-Burke, India Downes and Ciara Borkowski

Location-James Hammett-Burke’s House

Date- Final Shoot -7th March 2010